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ShenZhen ChangKun Technology Co., Ltd.

ADD:3rd to 5th Floor, Building B, No.69, Zhenbi Road, Biling Community, Pingshan Sub-district, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen City, China
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Shenzhen ChangKun Technology Co., Ltd.
The company specializes in the production of Class home medical products, is now facing the national investment agency.
First, the investment conditions
1, with the company long-term cooperation and the signing of the cooperation agreement
2, there is a certain amount of sales channels
3, I do branding
4, the product of a certain understanding
5, the long-term stability of the purchase
Not damage the image of the company in any form, method, irregularities, illegal, criminal act must not be done in the name of my company.
Second, product introduction
1, the electronic sphygmomanometer. The electronic sphygmomanometer blood pressure measurement medical use of modern electronic blood pressure indirectly measuring principle set
Equipment. Electronic blood pressure monitor arm, wrist; technology has undergone the most original first-generation, second-generation (the arm), the third
-Generation (the wrist use) development. The electronic sphygmomanometer has become the main tool for family self-test blood pressure. The electronic sphygmomanometer increasingly more
To be used in hospitals and other medical institutions.
2, Meridian therapeutic apparatus. Low frequency therapeutic apparatus called the "low-frequency modulation frequency therapeutic apparatus. IF the current low-frequency current tune
System, the amplitude and frequency of the current varies with the changes in the amplitude and frequency of the low frequency current is referred to as frequency modulation current. Application of this
Kinds of current methods of treatment of diseases known as the modulation frequency electric therapy (modulated medium frequency electrotherapy)
, While another standard IF treatment instrument is the 2-10KHz current treatment, the power is generally several tens of watts. Nearly 20 years
To low frequency therapeutic apparatus widely used in domestic, is the basis of the low frequency therapeutic equipment (electro-acupuncture device) appropriate to introduce
Some of IF ingredients.
3 Eye Massager. This product uses infrared heating element leading international high-tech achievements. This material has even heating, power consumption
Low, far infrared density, high strength properties. Infrared can be activated by radiation of cells, so that the molecules to produce resonance, enhanced molecular
Between the combined force, to enhance tissue regeneration, to improve immunity oxygen Tongluo achieve a role in health care.
Third, the cooperation process
The talks Order signed an agreement payment Shipping aftermarket and services
Fourth, Contact
Mobile telephone

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